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Quote from Alexandra Bracken, Never Fade

I can’t–I can’t think about anything or anyone else,” he whispered. A hand drifted up, dragging back through his hair. “I can’t think straight when you’re around. I can’t sleep. It feels like I can’t breathe–I just–“”Liam, please,” I begged. “You’re tired. You’re barely over being sick. Let’s just… Can we just go back to the others?””I love you.” He turned toward me, that agonized expression still on his face. “I love you every second of everyday, and I don’t understand why, or how to make it stop–” He looked wild with pain; it pinned me in place, even before what he had said registered in my mind.”I know it’s wrong; I know it down to my damn bones. And I feel like I’m sick. I’m trying to be a good person, but I can’t. I can’t do this anymore.

Alexandra Bracken, Never FadeĀ 

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