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Look, there’s no metaphysics on earth like chocolates.


Fernando Pessoa | success

Success consists in being successful, not in having potential for success. Any wide piece of ground is the potential site of a palace, but there’s no palace till it’s built.

The Book of Disquiet

Quote from Fernando Pessoa, The Book of Disquiet

There are ships sailing to many ports, but not a single one goes where life is not painful.

Poems of Fernando Pessoa

Quote from Fernando Pessoa, Poems of Fernando Pessoa

If after I die, people want to write my biography, there is nothing simpler. They only need two dates: the date of my birth and the date of my death. Between one and another, every day is mine.

Quote from Álvaro de Campos

I consider a dream like I consider a shadow,” answered Caeiro, with his usual divine, unexpected promptitude. “A shadow is real, but it’s less real than a rock. A dream is real — if it weren’t, it wouldn’t be a dream — but less real than a thing. That’s what being real is like.

The Education of the Stoic

Quote from Fernando Pessoa, The Education of the Stoic

Sit still with me in the shade of these green trees, which have no weightier thought than the withering of their leaves when autumn arrives, or the stretching of their many stiff fingers into the cold sky of the passing winter. Sit still with me and meditate on how useless effort is, how alien the will, and on how our very meditation is no more useful than effort, and no more our own than the will. Meditate too on how a life that wants nothing can have no weight in the flux of things, but a life the wants everything can likewise have no weight in the flux of things, since it cannot obtain everything, and to obtain less than everything is not worthy of souls that seek the truth.

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